Hollands Kroonmobile – the municipality of Hollands Kroon comes to you

You are cordially invited to meetings in the Mobile Municipal Office. Use the schedule below to find out where and when we will be waiting for you to talk and help you solve issues and problems concerning life in our municipality.

Locations and dates

Where:Anna Paulowna, Molengang 192
Parking lot next to Lidl
When:Saturday 9 March
What time:from 11.00 to 15.00

What is Hollands Kroonmobile?

Hollands Kroonmobile is the service bus of our municipality office, which we use to visit the towns and villages that make up our municipality.

Why Hollands Kroonmobile?

Hollands Kroon is a large municipality. The Municipality Office is located in Anna Paulowna. For some residents, this is a long distance to travel, especially when questions are not that urgent.

Of course, you will find answers to frequently asked questions on our office’s website. Moreover, you can always call the office, ask a question by email or via WhatsApp. There are many options available. However, for residents who find these options difficult to use for whatever reason, the Hollands Kroonmobile service bus offers them the opportunity to contact our office in person.

Regular meetings within the Mobile Office are held on working days. The full schedule of meetings is available at Hollands Kroonmobiel servicewagen komt naar u toe.

To meet the needs of our foreign-speaking residents, we are going to visit you at the weekend. At the weekend meetings, our experts are available to speak to in English, Dutch and Polish.

Would you like to ask a question but can’t meet with us at the Mobile Office? Click on the red button below and Leave a message. We will contact you as soon as possible.